Christmas Presents

By 10th December 2018 Uncategorised

CHRISTMAS OFFER ONLY £125.00 (normally £159.99)
only 2 left in stock at this price, come in to the showroom and grab them quick before they go!

With Audio·120° field of view·Night Vision·Wireless·
With Wi-Fi·Indoor Use

The Cocoon is a revolutionary invention in smart home systems, the Sub sound sensor picks up vibrations we make on an everyday basis and learns your daily routine to precisely warn you if anything unusual is happening. The Cocoon is incredibly easy to set-up just plug it in and download the app and away you go, all warning notifications are sent directly to your phone. The unique Subsound technology can pick up lower sound waves than human ears meaning it listens to all the vibrations in your house and learns what’s normal in your home, alerting you to any unusual activity happening. The Cocoon app delivers you precise notifications using all the high-end sensors within the unit. The combination of infra sound detection, machine learning and geolocation means that Cocoon can alert you to unusual activity not just within the vicinity but within the whole home. Combined with HD video and audio and built in siren to scare of intruders the Cocoon offers one of the most unique, advanced home protection systems in the world with no effort required. With Cocoon security matters. All data is processed on the Cocoon and any alerts are encrypted and sent to your secure cloud. Your smartphone is the key, meaning no one else can access your data. Mains power operated, requires WiFi with down load speeds of 250kbps and above and smart phone Android (OS 4.4 and above) and iOS (iOS 9 and above)

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