The nights are drawing in

By 13th October 2022 News, Uncategorised

The nights are drawing in, winter is on its way 😨😨

Make sure you protect your home from burglary with top tips below, I often see houses with no lights on at all. A burglar sees this as an opportunity to pounce.

[ ] Put a light on a timer even one light could be enough.

[ ] Make sure your curtains or blinds are closed so a potential burglar can’t see what’s in your property.

[ ] Check your neighbours house every now and again spread the love.

[ ] Don’t share your winter plans, if you’re going to winter wonderland don’t put it on Facebook until your back.

[ ] Make sure your home security is all in order and working eg: security lights front and back, intruder alarm system and CCTV would all help, if a potential burglar sees you have these in place he will move onto the next target.

[ ] Make sure garages sheds and outhouses are all locked and secure.

If we can help in any way please don’t hesitate to get in touch a security survey is totally free of charge where you can get lots of advice 👍👍

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