We hope you all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend with all the celebrations 🎉🎉.


The showroom is now ready with all the latest and greatest security equipment on display for you to try out from:


4k CCTV with trip wire, 2 way audio full colour at night + lots more features ✔️


Smart alarm system with to many features to list, but I’ll name as many as I can below 👌


Motion detectors ✔️

Door contacts with built in shock protection ✔️

External detection to protect barns and plant machinery✔️

Motion detectors with built in cameras✔️

Leak detection✔️

They work stand alone so perfect for remote site with no power or internet✔️


That’s enough for now😂 you’ll have to drop in and see Zoe to find out everything this bit of kit can do to protect you and yours 👍👍


And find out the amazing offers we have on currently to coincide with the new premises 😎




Station Yard

Kelly bray


PL17 8EG


01579 389192

07735 362700


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