Around 2 in 100 households were the victims of burglary last year in the uk.

How Burglars Choose Their Target Houses

✅️ Burglars often target homes with weak or unlocked doors and windows, especially during the summer months when windows are left open.

✅️ Shadowy areas outside the house, such as those concealed by trees or cars, can attract burglars as they provide hiding spots.

✅️ Leaving valuables in plain view, such as through windows, can entice burglars to target the home.

✅️ Burglars may look for easy ways to enter the home, such as using stools or ladders to climb into high windows.

✅️ Signs that a home is being watched by burglars include unfamiliar vehicles parked nearby, strangers frequently walking past, and strange markings on the exterior of property.

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